Fee Schedule

Initial Evaluation-550.00 approximately 90 minutes

45 Minute Session-330.00
30 Minute Session-250.00

Payments are due at the time of visit in either cash or check.

Listed fees are based on typical appointment lengths. Variable appointment lengths are available on a prorated basis.

Phone appointments are available. Insurance companies generally will not reimburse for phone appointments.

Dr. Jacobson does not participate with insurance companies and is considered an out of network provider. All patients will be provided a receipt at time of payment with relevant codes and information that they may use to seek reimbursement directly from insurance companies.

Dr. Jacobson has opted-out of Medicare. Medicare patients will be required to sign a private contract certifying that they will not attempt to seek reimbursement from medicare for services provided by Dr. Jacobson.

Appointments cancelled without 48 hours notice by voicemail will be billed at scheduled rate if no other patient fills the reserved time. The reserved appointment time can be changed to a phone appointment. Patients must be seen at a minimum interval of every two months.